The Sphere, Epping

The structure consists of a stainless steel and galvanised column supporting a globe of stainless steel tube and pipe.

The hollow stainless steel tubes curved to create latitudes and longitudes, contain LED lights to eliminate the globe at night while the equator of the globe consists of inclined stainless steel bands laser cut to read “Mainfreight” when lit.

The primary subcontractors engaged by Ivanoff Design Consultants included structural engineers Lambert and Rehbein, Advanced Fuel Tanks for fabrication of the ball, Future Steel for Bay structure and site fabrication, Smithwell for section rolling and bending, and Custom Cut Metals for laser cutting.

With an overall height of 9.5m, the globe measures 3.3m in diameter with the band diameter of 4m. The longitudes are 50mm diameter tube, the latitudes 32mm diameter and the central column measures 324mm diameter. Completing the affect are 72 LED lights custom made in New Zealand by Virtual Light, Auckland.

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